The office of Mellen Dental wants to provide each patient with the unique care and attention their smile deserves. To this help with this individual and personalized care, our dentist uses the NOMAD™ portable X-ray in Hampton, Virginia. Designed to reduce radiation exposure for both the patient and the dentist, this handheld X-ray device provides an efficient imaging solution that’s easy to use and gives another level of comfort to the patient. The NOMAD portable X-ray allows Dr. Irina Novak to stay by the patient’s side, and for the patient to stay comfortable in the chair.

Compatible with both traditional X-ray film digital technology, the images taken with the NOMAD X-ray can be uploaded to our computer system right in your room. This allows us to quickly get the information we need. This is just one of the many ways our office provides unique care that will help our patients with their dental concerns. If you have questions regarding the NOMAD portable X-ray, call our office today at 757-722-5316 to speak with one of our team members!